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Bridal flowers

Exochorda macrantha 'The Bride'

Kate 'The bride"

Tulips grown with love

Sold as Tulip 'Angelique'

When I heard Kate and Tom were to be married in May 2013 I planted 10 pots of 12 late double tulips in October and kept them tucked away under the hedge to keep them cool and sheltered.

Pots in the shade

Two weeks ago, I brought them out into the sunshine and worried that the mini heatwave would spoil them – but they were perfect – except they weren’t what I ordered!!!  I had ordered ‘Angelique’ which is a pale pink double flower (sometimes called a Paoeny flowered tulip) and these are certainly not pale pink.

Tulip 'Angelique'

It didn’t matter but I am curious what this variety is.
The Camassias were looking lovely too and matched the bridesmaids dresses.

Pretty maids all in a row

Kate’s bouquet was a delightful mix of whites and blues – with sprigs of Rosemary for faithfulness. Victorian brides would plant cuttings of rosemary from their bouquets to give to their own daughters…I shall have to try to take a cutting!  White roses symbolise purity and Bluebells, everlasting love.

Bridal bouquet

The barn where Kate and Tom were married was decorated with a charming mix of blooms and sprigs in assorted bottles and jam jars decorated with lace and twine.

Jam Jars and bottles

The happy couple

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