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Dont forget to visit the ‘Punch bowl’ in the Valley Gardens

Map of Virginia Water

The Punch Bowl

I have made two trips this week to the Valley Gardens at Virginia Water to see the Azaleas – they are stunning – I urge you to go and see for yourselves! Even in the miserable drizzle the colours are luminous.

Pathways in the flowers

Sir Eric Savill began to plant the valleys after World War 2 and a key factor was to select plants that would thrive in the sandy, poor, free draining soil – Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Acers.

Pink perfection!

New Acer foliage

The bright green new foliage on the Acers contrasts perfectly with the strong Azalea colour РI love the acid green and  pink combination.

Dark Acer foliage

The filigree Acer foliage also completes the picture – what a delightful sight! ¬† The cool weather will prolong the spectacle so you have another few weeks to go and view….

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