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It feels like Spring!

The weather forecast this weekend is warm sunshine…I’m going to try and get out in my own garden and make a start on spring pruning, tidying up and mulching the beds.

If you have no colour in your garden just now have a look where you could plant a few crocuses next autumn and then next spring be greeted by these cheerful clumps…

Clumps of Crocus cheer

Snowdrops and early Irises are also a stunning combination – here they are poking though a ground cover of ivy.

Colourful carpet

Iris reticulata like sunny well drained soil – under deciduous shrubs is ideal or coming through a carpet of creeping thyme.

Perhaps you have a shady corner where you can plant a Camellia – we are lucky to have acid sandy soil in Ascot and surroundings so these shrubs thrive and flower early – Camellia Donation below is one of the earliest.

Camellia Donation

Cornus stems are stunning in the early sunshine – these I spotted at Savill garden.  Cornus sanguinea Anny’s winter orange is a newish variety, brighter than C. Midwinter fire.  I cut mine down to the ground as soon as the tips start to sprout and use them as Easter decoration in the house.

Cornus Anny's winter orange

At Savill Garden this morning all the roses have been pruned and all the perennial borders mulched with a thick layer of compost – it’s time to get going!

If your garden looks overwhelming and you don’t know quite where to start – invite me round to see what I can suggest.  My first visit is without obligation and I can give you a proposal for a whole garden redesign or just replanting the border you can see from the kitchen window.

Here’s a project in a difficult shaded border I replanted for a client to give a view of bright colour from the kitchen window – she loved it!

I want colour!

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