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Cowarth park meadow

I visited Cowarth Park on Monday with thunderclouds threatening but it stayed dry until we went in for tea…

Dark skies over the meadow

The meadow is beautiful!  I would love to have one but you do need open ground and plenty of sunshine which I do not have at home.  This meadow is seeded every year with a French mix containing pink Cosmos but the yellow corn marigold is dominant.  There are blue cornflowers and white corn chamomile but they are shorter so can’t be seen until up close.

Dominant corn marigold

Contemporary rose garden

The rose garden has a contemporary look with the roses growing in ‘cages’ and over a beautiful green oak structure surrounded by lavender and creeping rosemary – the cushions on the benches are colour coordinated mauves and purples.

Wildlife heaven

The meadow and lavender banks were full of insect life – they must love the planting!

Cool, calm and collected

The lower terrace provides a calm contemplative space to sit surrounded by pink and purple planting.  The pool is dyed black to give additional contrast to the pale stone and provide a more reflective surface to watch the clouds!

What a delightful series of spaces!

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