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Spring green

Spring green

Its a grey day today but the acid green of the new spring foliage and the blue Camassias brighten the woodland.

This patch of ground was cleared of Rhododendron ponticum and roots in summer 2010 and the ground substantially improved with bags of compost and leaf mould dug in.  It sits beneath mature oak trees and is very shady and dry, but with work on the soil and careful watering in the first year it is now established and left to itself.

During clearance

I planted the Acer Corallinum for Tony’s 60th and surrounded it with ferns and hostas split and moved from around the garden.  It is of course predominantly a garden for spring colour but I can see it from my kitchen window so it gives me pleasure even on these rainy days.

Acer Corallinum

There is a wood chip pathway running through to the back garden and several other routes (shortcuts for the dog and wheelbarrow) for access.

Woodchip pathway

Highlights this week are the mauve/blue spires of Camassia leichtlinii and the foamy mass of forget-me-nots along the route.  I think the contrast with the acid green foliage and Helleborus corsicus flowers is a delight!

Looking back the other way you can see the dark red foliage of Photinia red robin, a plant I have mixed feelings about.  In shade it can get very open and has the annoying habit of dropping the old leaves as the new leaves come in like many evergreens.

Colourful foliage

You can just see the white daffodils Narcissus White Wings coming to an end as the Camassia come into their own – and next year I am going to add some tulips to extend the colour.

I was inspired by my visit to West Green House in Harley Witney this week – the tulips there are fantastic – I urge you to go!

West Green tulips and blossom

Marylin Abbott at West Green uses a ‘colour wheel’ scheme for her tulip planting which is a stunning success.  In her ‘blue’ area she uses just blues, white and acid greens and paints the bench to match – looks great doesn’t it?

Even the bench matches the scheme!

I think I will copy her and plant white tulips in my woodland – but maybe give the bench a miss!

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